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Are You Paying Too Much For Storage?

We can help. 75% of all new data stored is redundant. Data reduction eliminates redundancies in your data, enabling you to optimize your storage capacity and dramatically reduce your storage TCO. Permabit SANblox™ is the industry’s only high-performance data reduction appliance for Fibre Channel SAN arrays. It delivers 6X data reduction via high performance inline deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning. SANblox can be deployed in hours for immediate storage savings in all-flash, hybrid, or HDD environments.

Does Your Storage Have Inline Data Reduction?

Data reduction extends the life of existing SAN arrays and reduces CAPEX for new storage. The SANblox data reduction appliance delivers an average of 85% reduction in storage consumption and cost while improving performance in hybrid environments by up to 400%.


What Can SANblox Do for You?

SANblox delivers massive capacity savings for applications that store large amounts of redundant data such as virtual server farms and VDI solutions. And, because the SANblox appliance pairs Permabit’s industry leading deduplication index with its best in class HIOPS Compression™ technology, applications with compressible data such as traditional databases (OLTP, data warehouses), analytic applications and “big data” applications, also see huge capacity savings.

Simple Installation Enables You to Start Saving Today

SANblox is delivered in HA pairs and can be installed and configured in two hours. After cable connections are made, LUNs are provisioned via the SANblox UI. It’s as simple as 1-2-3.

Attach SANblox to multiple backend LUNs. Support for multiple backend LUNs allows scaling of both capacity and performance. SANblox is able to provide up to 10:1 savings on its own and is able to leverage existing thin provisioning capabilities to deliver even higher data reduction ratios.

Create the storage pool. The storage pool provides a global data store that offers deduplication and compression for maximum efficiency, while leveraging zero block elimination and sequential random writes to accelerate performance.

Create front-end LUNs. The SANblox UI makes it easy for you or your storage administrator to carve out front-end LUNs for use by application hosts. To take advantage of data efficiency, simply provision front-end LUNs and logically group them together with application hosts.

Once configured, the front end SANblox LUNs immediately begin to deliver the cost savings and performance benefits of inline data reduction.

SANblox Can Be Installed Easily for Immediate Storage Savings. (Watch the Video)

SANblox Offers Intuitive Management

Simple management GUI enables you to easily provision and monitor SANblox through command line tools, a web-based user interface, or SMTP-based event monitoring.

Flexible Deployment

SANblox leverages existing management features (thin provisioning, snapshots, and replication) and sits as a separate appliance on the SAN, so it can be selectively applied to data sets that benefit from deduplication and/or compression, while remaining out of the data path of those that don’t.

SANblox deployment flexibility also enables selective use of deduplication and/or compression on data stores, allowing users to choose the data reduction techniques that best meet their needs. For example, structured data (e.g., databases) typically responds well to compression, while unstructured data (e.g., virtual desktop and server environments) responds well to deduplication.

With SANblox, you get the benefit of excellent data reduction regardless of data type or mix.  Employ deduplication only, compression only, both together, or no data reduction at all. SANblox flexibility is as simple as point and click.

SANblox is without Competition

Uniquely delivers Performance, Scale, Resource Efficiency

Maximum Performance: up to 180,000 4 KB IOPS (RW70) per node.

A single SANblox node delivers up to 180,000 4 KB IOPS on random mixed (RW70) workloads with industry-standard hardware components. Multiple nodes can be used to achieve additional performance.  Since data reduction processing is done inline, on dedicated SANblox hardware, it never impacts the performance of data management functions on the storage server.

Highest Scalability: up to 256 TB of physical storage per node

A single SANblox node addresses up to 256 TB of array-provisioned LUNs. Multiple nodes can be used to deliver additional scalability.  Single nodes scalability is 2X that of Pure Storage solutions.

Smallest Footprint: 1U node, 2U in HA configurations

A single 1U node is capable of delivering 180,000 4 KB IOPS and addressing 256 TB of capacity. A second node can be added for high availability, ensuring no performance degradation should a failover event occur.

Product Compatibility

SANblox incorporates field-proven technology from Permabit, Emulex, and Red Hat. It works with any storage unit that is certified to work with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5. Brocade and Cisco Fibre Channel switches are supported, as is connectivity with either Emulex or QLogic HBAs. SANblox has been successfully validated by Permabit with the following block-based storage arrays:

Technical Support

24-7 technical support is available worldwide through Permabit and our storage partners.

SANblox Warranty


SANblox: Storage Savings Made Simple - One Page Overview

One page overview of the Albireo SANblox appliance. Learn the What, How, Why of SANblox and how it’s plug and play simplicity enables you to immediately lower your storage costs by adding industry leading data reduction to your SAN arrays, today.

Download PDF

SANblox Overview Video

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SANblox for Enterprise IT - Data Sheet

Is your IT budget tighter than ever? If your organization is like others we’ve talked to, you’re focused on lowering storage cost, reducing footprint, and dropping administrative costs. Data deduplication and compression together offer the best means of helping you achieve these goals for your storage infrastructure. Why wait to fix this problem when it’s only going to get worse over time? Permabit Albireo SANblox provides an immediate solution. A high-performance data reduction appliance for ANY all-flash, hybrid, or HDD SAN-attached primary storage array, SANblox delivers inline data deduplication and compression savings within a matter of hours.

Download PDF

Albireo SANblox: VMWare Solution Profile

The SANblox-VMware Solution Profile reviews best practices for implementing VMware® vSphere® using SANblox and leading enterprise storage arrays. As a VMware Elite Technology Alliance Partner, Permabit has worked with leading storage providers to develop operational guidelines for storage arrays fronted by the SANblox appliance that are being used by ESXi® Server.

Download PDF

Albireo SANblox: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Solution Profile

The SANblox-RHEL Solution Profile reviews best practices for implementing Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® using SANblox and leading enterprise storage arrays. As a Red Hat Technology Partner, Permabit has worked with leading storage providers to develop operational guidelines for storage arrays fronted by the SANblox appliance that are being used by servers or desktops running the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system.

Download PDF

Albireo SANblox: Microsoft Windows Server Solution Profile

The SANblox-Microsoft Windows Server Solution Profile reviews best practices for implementing Microsoft® Windows® and SANblox with leading enterprise storage arrays. As a Microsoft Partner, Permabit has worked with leading storage providers to develop operational guidelines for storage arrays fronted by the SANblox appliance that are being used by servers or desktops running the Microsoft Windows operating system

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Permabit Technology Corporation pioneers the development of high-performance data efficiency software for storage manufacturers, ODMs, software vendors and cloud service providers. We invent, develop and deliver disruptive solutions for high impact product differentiation. With 36 patents in the area of data reduction, Permabit leads the industry in performance, scale, and resource efficiency via innovation in inline data deduplication, compression, thin provisioning, and replication technologies.

Our products deliver more than 1 million deduplicated IOPS, three times faster than current generation storage arrays; are 80 times more memory efficient than the leading storage pure play; and scale uniquely across enterprise flash, hybrid and disk, enabling our partners to increase revenues, maintain margin and gain market share by optimizing the capacity of their storage offerings by up to 35X.